Vipen Jain an IIM-Lucknow alumni who is the founder of StarCap Projects has a rich expertise of 15+ years in the BFSI sector founded the company in 2016. StarCap Projects is an angel investment Co, which is a key investor in many disruptive portfolios in India and abroad. He is also the founder of StarCap Wellness, a Health Supplement company with its flagship brand “FitSpire” launched in 2018 along with “StarCap Redcliffe Energy Solution”- Smart Metering Solution Co.

We are starcap

In this era of the dynamic early-stage entrepreneurial market, we believe innovation is a true game changer. The novelty in addressing any global need gap situation is pertinent to providing long term solutions. ‘Regular’ is a term best avoided. Disruptive ideas led by a passion to deliver and clarity of vision can pave the way for strong businesses.

StarCap Projects is an innovative investment firm towards nurturing brilliant startups into successful businesses. We partner globally with sharp minds and see their business plans to take shape from concept to growth. We have clearly defined competitive advantages.